How to make a complaint

(In accordance with the Rules 25 and 26 of the Rules of Procedure of the HRRP)

Any person who does not work for EULEX Kosovo and who claims to be a victim of a human rights violation by EULEX Kosovo in the performance of its executive mandate.

The complainant (the person making the complaint) can be represented by a lawyer or another representative of his or her choice. In that case a letter of authority must be filled in.

The Panel will only examine complaints concerning alleged human rights violations that occured after 9 December 2008 in Kosovo. The violation must be caused by EULEX Kosovo in the performance of its executive mandate.

The Panel will not review judicial proceedings before the courts in Kosovo.

The complaint must be submitted to the Panel before 9 September 2010 or within six months from the date of the alleged violation, whichever is more favourable to the Complainant.

The complaint must be submitted in writing. No complaints may be made by telephone. The complainant can use either the English, Albanian or the Serbian language.

The complaint should normally be made on the complaint form and be accompanied by relevant documents and decisions (if any), as instructed in the form.

If a complaint is introduced in a letter, such letter must set out, at least in summary form, the subject matter of the complaint in order for the matter to be examined further.

The complaint may be filed at:

Rrustem Statovci Street no. 29,
Pristina, Kosovo

Alternatively, a complaint can be sent by email to .

If the complaint is e-mailed, the signed original complaint must be delivered within four weeks from the date of the original fax or e-mail.