Public Outreach Campaign

The Accountability Concept Document of 29 October, 2009 stated, inter alia, in Para E, that:

“…EULEX Kosovo will ensure a proper dissemination of public information on the Panel and its work …”. 

The Civilian Operations Commander stated in Para 3 of his Instruction of 13 November, 2009 in relation to the Panel that the “Road Map” for the Civilian Planning Conduct Capability should include, inter alia, “preparation of a comprehensive PR campaign”.

Accordingly, the Panel has been continuously engaged in the conduct of an extensive outreach campaign to inform the public at large about its mandate, procedures and operations since June 2010. The campaign includes meetings with NGOs and civil society representatives, with government ministers at central level and with local government/administration officials and institutions at both regional and municipal level.

The Panel provides public outreach materials such as information leaflets and posters in the Kosovo Albanian, Serbian and English languages at such meetings etc and also conducts interviews with radio, TV and newspapers.

All those with whom the Panel has interacted, in particular the human rights NGOs, have responded in a very positive manner and participated enthusiastically in the outreach campaign meetings, events and seminars.

The campaign has been quite successful in raising awareness of the Panel, especially in urban areas where EULEX is more operationally engaged and where it has a higher profile. However, despite its best efforts, there is still a serious lack of awareness and knowledge of the Panel among the general population in far flung towns and rural areas.

With the wisdom of hindsight it is now apparent to the Panel that the effective implementation of an outreach campaign in a post conflict setting is a very difficult challenge which requires considerable resources, inter alia, of a human and material nature. 

The Panel believes that this information lacuna throughout the wider mission area can be best addressed, inter alia, through the broadcast of a TV/Radio campaign. The Panel launched such a campaign in 2013 which is ongoing.

Reports on Outreach Campaign

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