Ms. Elka Filcheva-Ermenkova

Ms Elka Filcheva-Ermenkova, a Bulgarian citizen, studied law at the University of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria where she graduated in 1997. Upon completion of her post-graduate internship, in October 1998 she was appointed as a Junior Judge at the District Court, Blagoevgrad in an appeals panel, where under the supervision of two District Court judges she presided over cases in all subject matters: civil, criminal and administrative law. In 2001 she became a Judge at the Regional Court of Law in Blagoevgrad where she presided over civil and criminal cases. In 2003 she was appointed as President of the Regional Court in Blagoevgrad.

In 2004 Ms Ermenkova became a District Court Judge, second and first instance, and she worked both as a first instance and as an appellate judge both in civil and criminal matters, with the main emphasis on civil matters. As an appeals judge she adjudicated on appeals against judgements of five regional courts in both criminal and civil cases. In January 2008, she was seconded to the Council of the European Union (EU), in the department for Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability (CPCC) as a Rule of Law Adviser where she worked until January 2012. In this capacity she assisted the Council Secretariat (later the European External Action Service (EEAS), in the planning and conduct of civilian crisis management missions, through the provision of expertise in Rule of Law.

In January 2012, Ms Ermenkova joined EULEX Kosovo as an International Judge at the Appeals Panel for the appeals against decision of the Kosovo Property Claims Commission, where she decides upon property disputes related to the armed conflict in Kosovo from 1998/1999. In August 2014 she was appointed as International Criminal Judge to the Supreme Court of Kosovo with mandate over criminal cases related to war crimes, organised crime and other serious crimes.

Ms Ermenkova was appointed to the Human Rights Review Panel in January 2013 as a Substitute member and in November 2016 she was appointed as the substantive EULEX Member of the Panel. She has amassed extensive experience in Human Rights Law, especially the right to a fair trial, right of liberty, freedom of speech, prohibition of discrimination and right to property throughout her professional career.


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